Closed for winter. Garlic salt/powder will soon be available for ordering on our website. We are sold out of honey for 2023.  Irrigation/Beekeeping supplies by appointment. We will start taking beekeeping class registrations and package bee orders on Feb. 1st.

We will be open for people to pick up garlic saltorders on Saturday Dec 9 from noon -1 and Thursday Dec 14 from 5-6

Order garlic salt and powder for gifts, yourself, or both!

Grown and ground here at Tubbs Berry Farm from our own gourmet garlic

Pink and Pungent Garlic Salt
Pink and Pungent Garlic Salt

Our fresh ground garlic powders and garlic salts are now available to order online! If you need a great locally made gift this is one that almost everyone loves!

If you’ve run out of your favorite, now is the time to stock up!

Order now, pick up days are Saturday Dec 9 from noon-1 and Thursday Dec 14 from 5-6 at the Farm, or have it shipped to the garlic snob in your life!

Are you a wanna-bee?

We'll start taking online orders for Package Bees on Feb 1st!


Tubbs Berry Farm sells beekeeping equipment and supplies, teaches beekeeping classes, and even sells the bees! If you need bees, beehives, bee suits, or tools, we’re here to help! We start taking orders for package bees February 1st each year, our bee pick up day is generally the last Friday/Saturday in April.

2023 Bee Pick Up days are Friday, May 5 1-5 and Saturday, May 6 from 9-1. Hiving demonstrations will be at 2 and 4 PM on Friday, 10 and noon on Saturday!

Idaho Beekeeping Mentorship Online!

Southern Idaho's source for beekeeping help and information!

Check out our blog for updates on what Kirk is doing in the bee yard and why, what new products he is trialing, studies he is running and our recommendations for success in keeping bees in Southern Idaho’s Magic Valley.

From where to get bees, hives and equipment to how to take care of them, Tubbs Berry Farm has you covered! Its like having access to our beekeeping class in detail for the whole year!

Gourmet Seed Garlic grown in Idaho! Certified White Rot Free!

Sold out for 2023. We will begin taking orders for Fall 2024 on June 1st!

Tubbs Berry Farm is one of the largest producers of gourmet seed garlic in Southern Idaho’s allium quarantine zone. This means that our certified white rot free garlic can be legally shipped to and planted anywhere in Idaho. Our quality seed stock is sought after across the country!

Chesnok Red GarlicTubbs Berry Farm grows 8 varieties of gourmet seed garlic inside Idaho’s allium quarantine zone. If you are wanting to know where you can legally get garlic to plant in Idaho, we can help you out! We start taking orders on June 1st, and start shipping seed garlic the first of September. Click on the button below to find out more about our amazing garlic! Get on our email list and we’ll remind you it’s time to order!

Raw, Local Honey

This is raw, local honey which has been extracted, strained and bottled. Nothing is added, and the honey is not heated during the extracting process.

Our honey comes from hives that haven’t been treated with pesticides or antibiotics. We use natural methods for disease control, our goal is not to put anything in our hives we wouldn’t let our children eat.

Our bees winter on their own honey stores, and most of our hives are never moved. You are welcome to visit the hives our honey comes from!

By harvesting honey in small batches we are able to preserve the natural honey flavors unique to different nectar gathering areas.

We pack our honey in USA made glass jars. Jars and lids are reusable for canning! If you can’t reuse them, bring them in and we will recycle them! We currently do not ship honey. You can find it and lots more here in our farm store!

Honey sold out for 2023.

Announcing: Volunteer Opportunities!

harvesting garlic

People have asked if they can come help on the farm, we’re putting together a few opportunities you can do just that! Whether you want to come out for a little peace and quiet, or to visit and work with some new people, we’ve got an activity for that! Sign up here to get your hands in the soil, maybe learn a little something and have a little fun on the farm!

Straw Maze and Pumpkin Patch!

Thanks for a great season, see you next year!

Playground at the Pumpkin Patch

This is a fun-for-the-whole family annual event that you don’t want to miss! Giant straw maze, great food, apple blaster, and more! Come early and come often! Click on the button below for more information.

Farm Update: closed for winter.

See you in 2024!

Our main crop of berries is fall red raspberries which generally come on September through frost. We do have some other berries in trial which may produce in small quantities through the season, watch for updates for picking!

Sept. 28. Raspberries are still on, we’ll have them till it freezes! Come out an pick when the pumpkin patch and straw maze is open!

Sept 8. Open 10-9 Fridays and Saturdays. Red Raspberries, Blackberries, Elderberries.

Aug 17: Red raspberries are on! Open Thursdays 4-6 and Saturdays 6-8 in August. Raspberries will produce until first frost. We will switch to pumpkin patch hours on September 8.

Aug 3: Upick gooseberries and currents (probably the last week). We’ve also got a few red and yellow raspberries

July 20: 4-6 Thursday: Gooseberries, currents, black raspberries. Fresh culinary garlic $12/lb, Music and German. Farm Eggs, Honey

July 13: Gooseberries, currents, black raspberries. U-pick Thursday 4-6. Fresh German Red culinary garlic available as well as farm eggs, honey, etc.

July 6: Saskatoons, honeyberries, currents, gooseberries. U-pick during store hours

Upick raspberries generally available September through 1st frost. 

Raspberries: Generally come on the end of August or first part of September. Plan on picking during our Pumpkin Patch hours this fall! Our red berries are large and flavorful, freeze and jam well. U-Pick raspberries are $3.69/lb + tax.

Blackberries:  Generally come on the end of August. Large and flavorful berries. Blackberries don’t get sweet until just before they fall off the cane. The flavor is amazing but they don’t keep very long. If you have never had a ripe blackberry you don’t know what you are missing! U-Pick blackberries are $4.39/lb

Raspberry Picking will be open during our Pumpkin Patch
this fall!


Closed for winter. Garlic salt/powder will soon be available to order on our website. We are sold out of honey for 2023.  Irrigation/Beekeeping supplies by appointment. We will start taking beekeeping class registrations and package bee orders on Feb. 1st.

We're located at 1250 S Park Ave W in Twin Falls. Our mailing/shipping address is 1150 S Park Ave W.

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