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We grow 8 varieties of gourmet garlic here at Tubbs Berry Farm. I didn’t know I was a garlic snob until we started creating our own garlic powders and garlic salts, the difference is going too blow your taste buds.

If you’re not sure what to choose, our Pink and Pungent garlic salt is our best seller by far and is my go to for pretty much seasoning anything. In fact, I’m working on a keychain so I can take it with me when I travel! Customers have different favorites and swear by one variety or another so you might need to get a couple of different ones to try!

The garlic scape powder is green and not too strong by itself, add it to popcorn, eggs, potatoes, etc for a little bit of and earthy garlic flavor. The garlic salt (except for Pink and Pungent which uses Himalayan Salt) is made with our fresh ground garlic and sea salt. I’ll try to update the listing shortly with descriptions for everything!

Garlic Powder/ Garlic Salt currently sold out. We will begin taking online orders again May 1 2024.

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If you’re looking for a made in Idaho gift, this is amazing garlic grown, harvested, and ground by hand in small batches here on our family farm in the Magic Valley! Below are descriptions of the fresh garlic, still exploring the garlic powder and garlic salt myself. People have already certainly get favorites they swear by! So far I haven’t met one I don’t like.

Chesnok Red  ~ Hardneck Garlic

This wonderful Garlic is the new rising star in gourmet garlic.  Chesnok has a strikingly beautiful color, a delightful aroma, and fabulous flavor.  Excellent for cooking or baking, it keeps its shape and develops a wonderful flavor.

German Red ~ Hardneck Garlic

German Red garlic is strong and spicy. It is a favorite of gourmet chefs and foodies. This variety does well on our farm because it develops better quality and size where winters are cold. German Red produces nicely rounded bulbs with purple-splashed outer skins.

Korean Red  ~ Hardneck Garlic

Hot, very hot! Not for the timid garlic fan. Korean Red is an early maturing garlic with a very unique topset that can grow up to 18 inches long.

Music ~ Hardneck Garlic

Hot and spicy with a long lasting bite. This excellent porcelain garlic produces large clean-looking, symmetrical white bulbs with some of the largest, easy to work with cloves.

Spanish Roja ~ Hardneck Garlic

This gourmet garlic is famous for its rich, robust, earthy flavor. Spanish Roja produces nicely shaped bulbs with reddish-slashed coverings. This variety is a long time favorite of chefs and market gardeners.

Inchelium Red ~ Softneck Garlic

Won “Very Best Softneck”.  Excellent for braiding. Long lasting mild flavor with just a hint of hot.  Inchelium Red is from the Colville Indian Reservation, in Inchelium Washington.

Early Italian ~ Softneck Garlic

Another excellent garlic that has become a classic. This spicy long-time favorite of gourmet cooks, and gardeners is easy to grow and stores well. It is also good for braiding.

Asian Tempest ~ Hardneck Garlic

This is our newest variety. It produces a small flavorful, very hot bulbs that sweeten with cooking. Originated in South Korea. We are still learning what it will do!

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