Pumpkin Patch and Straw Maze
September 8-Oct 31, 2023

Tubbs Berry Farm Pig Straw Maze 2023
Tubbs Berry Farm Pig Straw Maze 2023



Friday/Saturday 10-9


Monday – Thursday 3-9 PM
Friday-Saturday 10-9

We have scheduled field trips Monday-Thur from 9-3 and are not open to the public until 3 PM. Schedule Field Trips or Party packages using the links below!

Please note:

This is a working farm and activities are held in a field. There are outhouses but no running water. Pop and water bottles are available for purchase. Children should dress appropriately for activities and could get dirty. Weather can change quickly in the fall, so access to hats, coats, and gloves is recommended!

Due to the risk of fire there is absolutely no smoking, vaping, or open flame allowed on the premises. Smoking allowed in designated smoking area only, thank you!

No Pets! Because this is a working food production farm, pets are not allowed on the farm. This meets food safety regulations and keeps both your animals and our animals safe! Thank you.

Photography Policy: Photographers are allowed in designated areas only, please see policy below.

Straw Maze and Playground Admission:

Monday – Thursday
Fridays before 2 pm

Ages 4-59: $10

Friday and Saturday
Ages 4-59: $12

Kids 3 and under are free.
Seniors 60+ with ID: $5

Group rate:
$1 off regular maze admission groups of 10-24. $2 off groups of 25 or more. (Applies only to 10 or more maze passes purchased in one transaction)

Season Pass $30/person may be used for admission anytime we’re open to the public. Popular with toddler mom’s who spend every Friday morning in the corn pit.

Admission covers all maze and all playground area fun. Everyone 4+ will need admission to enter. The maze is very large, children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult. Pumpkins not included with admission but may be purchased separately.

There is no admission fee to enter the pumpkin field, pumpkins are sold by the pound.

Yes, we do party packages and field trips, find info on the links below!

Fall Events

Wristbands are good all day so come early and play, check out all the fun and the great photo backdrops, then go change and get your glam on and come back at golden hour for fall photos at the farm! We’ve got lots more photo spots this year, think sunflowers, cornfields, tractors, old trucks, pumpkins, barns, pumpkin carriage, hay bales, and so much more! We’re looking forward to seeing how you turn our amazing sunsets into fun fall photos this year!

U-pick raspberries during the fall festival fun! Raspberries are available until the first good frost so we might be done in September or might have them all the way through October, who knows here in Idaho! Raspberry patch is on the south side of the playground. We have picking buckets to use and containers for you to take berries home in. Bulk picking is charged by the pound or pick up a smaller container to fill for fresh eating!

This is a day dedicated to all the homeschool families that come visit us each fall for field trips! Discount admission of $7/person before 2pm. Educational farm tour/foraging walk at 11, Beekeeping talk/hive dive at 1. All playground activities will be open including the cannons, maze, hayride, petting zoo, bounce pad, slides, etc. This may work better than our field trip packages for some of our groups that are a mixed age group. Reservations not needed, open to the public even if not officially homeschooling. Come celebrate, learn a little, maybe make some new friends and potentially slip in an adult conversation with another parent while the kids are entertained!

Have a group of kids?

Check out our Field Trip options!

Yes, we do fall field trips, find more information and scheduled online using the button below or go to https://tubbsberryfarm.com/pumpkin-patch/fall-field-trips/

Information on Field Trips, Parties, Pets, and Photos!

Sorry, pets are not allowed. Service animals specifically trained to assist a disabled person are welcome. Please note that health regulations do not allow animals in our produce field, and for the health and safety of our animals and yours we want to avoid contact between them. We love animals and know that you are excited to bring them to the farm, but it it a really bad idea. Vehicles can be hot in the fall so we recommend not bringing them to the farm at all. Thank you for your understanding.

Have a Fall Birthday? Want a fun place for a your office or group to get together this season? Come celebrate at the Pumpkin Patch with us!

Parties can be scheduled during any of our regular business hours. Weekday is M-Th and Friday before 2. Weekend is Friday afternoon and Saturday. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the schedule and to book your party! Deposits not required, payment is collected in person the day of the party. (Be kind and let us know if you need to cancel so we can schedule another group!)

Party packages include 12 playground passes. Maze pass is for both the maze and playground areas. Everyone 4 and up, including accompanying adults will need a pass to enter. The big maze is very large, children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult. All packages can add additional playground/maze passes at group rate pricing if they are paid for with the party. You get 12 wristbands with your package, you can put them on adults or children 4 and up.  (If you are planning a corporate party and just want passes for employees, choose package #1 and add extra passes)

All scheduled  party packages include 2 hour use of a party room, and use of the candy cannon (like an instant pinata, you must provide the candy, see more information below), and hours of fun in our straw maze and playground!

Straw Party room options:
(party rooms are located outside the maze area, admission not required to access them. You can reserve the party rooms without a party package, or take advantage of our party discounts. You are welcome to change party packages the day of the party if you’re not sure what you want to include yet.)

Straw Room with Granary: Includes a 20 ft diameter granary building privately accessed through the party room. There are 4 picnic tables, if you need more than that let us know in the notes!

Straw Room with Trailer:  covered trailer privately attached to the straw room to provide a covered area. There are 4 picnic tables in the room, if you will need more than that please let us know in the notes!

Choose from the following packages:

 Package 1: Maze Runners $110 weekday, $135 weekend: Includes 2 hours in a party room, and 12 maze and playground passes (10 kids and 2 chaperones).  Get group rate for additional passes paid for with your party package.

Package 2: Race Ducks and Feed the Animals $135 weekday, $160 weekend: Includes everything in Package 1 plus 10 rubber duck party favors for the raceway, and 10 feed cups for the petting zoo.

Package 3: Pumpkin Picking! $135 weekday, $160 weekend:  Includes everything in Package 1 plus 10 small pumpkins from our party pumpkin patch.

Package 4: Full Farm Experience: $155 weekday, $180 weekend: Includes everything in Package 1 plus, 10 rubber duck party favors for the raceway, 10 feed cups for the petting zoo, and 10 small pumpkins from our party pumpkin patch. $12 for each additional guest (includes pumpkin, duck, and feed cup)

What is the candy cannon?  If you like pinatas, you will enjoy this! You need 1 lb salt water taffy to act as the wadding, then any small toys and any candy you want. We load the candy or small toys you bring into the cannon, it shoots into the air for an instant candy scramble. We are happy to shoot if off for your party, just let us know you want it! It is always a hit!

Printable invitations and direction sheet to include with invitations available here.

Birthday Party Invitation (word)

Birthday Party invitation (PDF)

PPatch Directions (word)

PPatch Directions PDF

Please note, reservation time is when your party room time will start. Your group may arrive before this time and play for a while, and is welcome to play afterwards! We know things change, so if you need to change your package or number of people, just let us know when you check in at the admission area. We make fall parties easy!

Click on the “what” icon to choose by party room. Click on the clock to choose by time. Click on “Book Now” instead of Select unless you are booking multiple parties. No payment necessary at reservation, payment will be made in person the day of the party.


Tubbs BePhotography Policyrry Farm offers a large picture taking field with sunflowers, a corn field, and pumpkins as well as an assortment of backdrops, hay bales, old vehicles, tractors, Cinderella’s carriage, and more for picture taking inside our maze/playground area! Whether you are looking for fun Senior Pictures, a fall family photo, or just want to get your glam on in the country, this is the place to do it! Photographers may move pumpkins and bales in this area, use the pumpkins to sit on or as props, and have fun creating unique memories. Our sunsets are absolutely amazing if you wanted to know! If there is something more you would like to see in our photo area, let us know!

Professional photography is not allowed in other areas around the farm including the u-pick pumpkin and berry field areas, please use the pumpkin  field/sunflower patch photography field located inside the playground area! Amateur photos while picking pumpkins is fine, however do not move, arrange, or sit on pumpkins in the u-pick pumpkin field. Please note that the farm is our home and the fields are our personal back yard, while there may be some great spots for photos outside the area open for our fall festival they are off limits to the public!

Photographers may purchase a season pass for $30 if multiple sessions on the farm are in the forecast! Please note that anyone entering the admission area will need to purchase admission.

Come for the food or the fun, or both!

Our concessions features fall favorites like our famous fresh pumpkin chili and our Pumpkin Pulled Pork.

For our Sunflower and Raspberry Festival weekends we will do our Honey Raspberry Pulled Pork!

Pumpkin Pulled Pork Sandwich: Sweet barbecue sauce on pulled pork that has pumpkin in it. Not pumpkin spice, but the natural sweetness and body that comes from winter squash. A crowd favorite

Pumpkin Chili: Fan Favorite. Fresh made chili with fresh tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkin from the farm. This is the recipe we get asked for.

Idaho Nacho: Pumpkin chili on waffle fries with nacho cheese.
Pumpkin Chili: made fresh each day with produce grown right here on the farm!

Falls Brand Hotdogs, Popcorn, chips, fries, otter pops, apple cider donust, chocolate covered raspberries, and more!

Lemonade Stand: Our 11 year old has opened a competing concession trailer and sells lemonade at times. Please recognize that this is his business and we take no responsibility for the hours he chooses to open it. All expenses and profits are his.

Please submit requests for pumpkins and other donations here. Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive we are limiting pumpkin donations to $25 or $50 gift certificates towards their purchase. If you are needing maze passes or other items, please specify exactly what you are looking for in the notes. We will only accept donation requests for pumpkins or maze passes from September 1st-October 7, and will consider them on a 1st come 1st served basis. We will consider donation requests received each week on Tuesdays and respond by Thursday.

Thank you!

We are not accepting any more donation requests for 2023. Thank you!

All sales are final. We are unable to provide refunds due to weather or other circumstances that come with a seasonal event. Thank you.

I keep getting asked if there is anything to do at the farm this fall.

There's so much that I can't even list it all!

Big Straw Bale Maze and Slides: We have a giant ton bale maze and slide, over 1000 bales and lots of fun. If you don’t make any wrong turns you can get through it in 20 minutes. Most take significantly longer. Maze game cards, included with admission, add a fun dimension to getting lost.  We recommend you allow 30 min to an hour to get through! Glow sticks and flashlights will be available for purchase (or bring your own) for maze after dark on Friday and Saturday evenings. Our Giant Straw Slides have been a big hit, this year we have 3 large slides, and 2 small ones! Yes, it is an adult playground so have some fun!

Playground: This is for kids of all ages. Basically an adult playground with a few things for the kids. We do have an under 6 area with a corn pit and bounce house away from the rough and tumble big kids. We have a giant 30×70 bounce pad for kids age 6-99 years of age. There are also rubber ducky raceways,  straw towers, corn pits, big kid (Adult) digging area, a cow train, roller tubes, obstacle course, and more!

Apple Blaster! Yes, we have a shooting range at the pumpkin patch! The apple blaster was such a hit last year we added 2 more cannons! Buckets of apples are $3 small, $5 large. You can eat them, feed them to the pigs, or use one of the cannons to shoot them at targets! A crowd favorite!

Hayride: We don’t charge for the hayride, although donations are appreciated! (Kirk really wants to upgrade to a fancy hayride wagon with a canopy,  but it’s going to set us back at least $20,000!) You can access the hayride from either the playground area (fee area) and from the u-pick pumpkin patch (no fee) area.

Petting Zoo: Yes, the animals are excited to see you this year! There are goats, sheep, calves, chickens, and more! Animals will be accessible both inside and outside of the maze area. Feed machines take quarters.

Bounce Pad: 2100 Square Feet of fun for the kid in all of us!

Other activities: Paintball Gallery, Farm Foosball, Barnyard Billiards, Gopher Golf, Sheep Shots, and Tow Strap Tug of War, Horseshoes, Cornhole, the list keeps growing!

Gift Shop/Farm Stand: Stop in for raw honey, jams, handmade soaps, lip balm, lotion bars, pumpkin decorating items, small hay bales, Indian popcorn, t-shirts, hats, stuffed animals and more! Try our farm grown and ground garlic salt, you won’t be disappointed!

Pumpkin Patch: Yes, you can actually pick pumpkins out of the field they are grown in, we provide clippers for you to cut the pumpkins off the vine and 2 wheeled wheel barrows to help you carry them! There is no charge to enter the pumpkin fields. We charge per pound for the pumpkins you pick. Our pumpkins are grown without herbicides or pesticides so you can feel good about letting your kids run in the field, and almost all the pumpkins are great varieties for eating! There lots of different colors and sizes of pumpkins to choose from, as well as several varieties of squash and gourds. Pumpkins are 49 cents/lb. Squash 69 cents/lb, mini pumpkins and gourds 50 cents and up. Go ahead and ask for recipes and ideas!

Food: Our famous Pumpkin Chili is made with fresh ingredients grown right here on the farm! Pick up an order of ribbon fries or deep fried delicata and taste test some of our farm grown and ground garlic salt. Our Idaho nacho (chili cheese fries) are heavenly, and people keep coming back for more pumpkin pulled pork! We’ve got Falls Brand hotdogs, fries, and nachos as well if you’re feeling a little munchy.  The maze game gives you a free popcorn or a $1 off at the concession stand if you can find all the shapes on your card!

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  1. Been taking our class there for years. It is always the favorite field trip for our students.

    Pat Pacheco
    Robert Stuart Middle School
    Twin Falls IDaqho

  2. Do you guys offer a day throughout the season that is reasonably cheaper than a normal day? I know that this is a business too and your prices aren’t expensive it just adds up with quite a group of people. Even with the $1 off.

    1. We don’t currently offer a discount day, just the weekday discount for those that come Monday-Thursday! Our goal was to keep the price low the whole season instead of charging more one day and less another.

    1. You can find the address at the bottom of any of our website pages, and there is a map and directions on the contact us tab at the top of the page!

  3. Have you guys thought about offering season passes? It would save us lots of money… We bring our girls at least 10 times during the season you’re open

  4. We came out with our family on Saturday and had a blast. Everything is reasonably priced. Not only did the kids not want to leave but we didn’t want to leave. Your family and team of workers are an awesome crew! We always enjoy activities that are family planned and locally owned. Good job and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Our open days and times are posted on this page, on our calendar, and on the Pumpkin Patch Hours Page! We open Sept. 25 this year!

  5. Hi there,
    Lincoln’s kindergarten classes would like to come for a field trip again this fall. Are you still doing those? Thanks you!

    1. Tubbs' Berry Farm

      We are sold out of honey for 2014. Honey prices can be found on the Honey page on our website!

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