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People have asked if they can come help on the farm so we’re putting together a few opportunities so you can do just that! Whether you want to come out for a little peace and quiet, or to visit, meet, and work with some new people, we’ve got an activity for that! Watch our website, Facebook, and Instagram for opportunities to get your hands in the soil, maybe learn a little something and have a little fun on the farm!

WARNING: Under Idaho law, there are risks associated with agritourism, which could lead to injury or death. You are assuming these risks. Section 6-3004, Idaho Code.

Garlic Weeding: Must be 14+. We will be hand weeding around garlic plants. If you want to get your hands dirty and socialize, this is a lot of fun. If you want some alone time to enjoy quiet while getting the health benefits of working with the soil, our rows are long enough that we can accommodate that too! You may bring gloves, we will provide some as well if you want them. Wear work clothes, sturdy shoes, we will be working on uneven ground, bending, kneeling, etc. Generally May and June

Garlic Scape Harvest: Family friendly but children under 12 must be supervised by an adult. Will happen around mid June, we will harvest scapes and then grill scapes and socialize with our volunteers! Walking, lifting of baskets up to about 10-20 lbs. Wear work clothes Generally mid June

Garlic Harvest: Generally around the first week of July. Watch because it can happen the end of June, it is completely dependent on the season. We will be harvesting and tying garlic bundles to the drying racks. Family friendly, but youth under 12 must be supervised by an adult. Wear work clothes. Bring gloves or we will provide them. Generally the first or second week of July

Garlic Clipping: Usually the month of August. Must be 14+ as we will be handling sharp clippers. Kind of have an old fashioned quilting bee thought on this, sit around, clip garlic and visit. This may be the only time in the year that I am sitting down and would be happy to answer questions, share experiences, and talk story with some of the great people in our community. We will be clipping the tops and bottoms off of garlic bulbs. It is dusty but great for those who need to sit and not move. We’ll be clipping Thursdays and Fridays from 6-9 through August, stop on out if you have time!

Pumpkin Harvest: We’ve got to get the pumpkins out of a few of our fields and into bins! This is family friendly, must be 12+ to use the clippers. Wear work clothes, bring gloves or use ours. Expected to happen the last week of August!

Pumpkin Patch: We hire for the pumpkin patch, but we’ve had people ask to volunteer! Find information on our Job Opportunities Page!

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