June 22 Hive Check 1st Year Package

This week we see hives full of bees but they are not yet putting a lot away in the honey supers we added last week. The top deep box is full of bees, brood in almost every available cell, the population is really taking off! If we get a nectar flow they have the population to take advantage of it! It has also been hot, higher than normal June temperatures. If the bees are on a screen bottom board the trays are pulled out to increase ventilation. Bees may hang out on the front of the hive in the evenings, if they go in during the night they are just hot, not out of room. Adding honey supers can help with this. We don’t feed bees sugar syrup when honey supers are on. We’re doing a quick check at this point in the season, just checking for eggs and brood, pollen, and nectar stored in the hive.

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