January 2022 in the Bee Yard

Hi fellow bee enthusiasts,

I haven’t posted too much this winter, when its this cold you should be leaving them alone. I know its hard!

I do expect winter losses to be high. A warm Oct, Nov and December is hard on overwintering bees, allows lots of mite migration. In the past this type of weather has always resulted in high winter losses.

It is a great time to study up and make plans for improving next year.


I want to share a few links, I try to take in all the scientific research I can.  As we learn more, recommendations for best practices will change. Correlation and causation are not the same things, multiple studies looking at lots of variables is the best way to tease out what is really happening in a study.

This first one is too Randy Oliver sharing the results of some trials. He does great job and I am a fan of his research.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFGZ110irFY  Think I will be trying the Dawn Ultra this summer.

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