Overwintered Bees Hive Check March 26, 2022

Hooray! The bees made it through the winter, now what! When should I start feeding them, should I feed them, how long should I feed them, what should I feed them?

Spring weather is unpredictable in the spring, so the answer to that question is based on what the weather is doing. If it is cold and going to stay cold we don’t want to stimulate them to grow too early. If it is still freezing, feeding sugar syrup too early can cause them to build up too fast and die so bakers sugar is the best way to go. If it looks like spring is going to stay and dandelion bloom isn’t too far away, spring sugar is 1:1 ratio. We recommend entrance feeding to stimulate the if robbing isn’t a problem in your area. Kirk will walk you through what he’d do if the hive is week and what he’d do if it was strong.


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