3LB Package of Honey Bees with a Queen

We still have package bees available first come first served during Bee Days hours.

Package Bees & Queens are for PICK-UP ONLY! We do not ship bees! If you are looking for bees in Southern Idaho we have some of the best quality and carefully handled package bees you can find!

2024 Pick Up Day/Bee Day is scheduled for Friday April 26 1-5 and Saturday April 27 9-1

Please note that date is not guaranteed and may be changed due to weather or extreme circumstances (this has happened twice in the last 12 years)

Bees must be picked up during pick up times, no exceptions! If you will be unable to pick up your bees, please do not order them, or find someone to pick them up for you. No refunds given after April 1st.

Hiving Demonstrations will be at 2 and 4 on Friday, and 10 and noon on Saturday.

New to beekeeping? Don’t forget, we also have a full store stocked with beekeeping equipment. Also, if you are new to beekeeping, check out our Beekeeping Classes and our farm blog!

 Yes, you can transport packages inside a vehicle, they do best traveling at temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees with some ventilation.

Packages bees are our recommended way to get started in beekeeping. They are simply a shoe box size screen box with a queen and workers that you dump into your own hive.

Package includes an unmarked queen and 3 lbs of bees to get your hive started!
Wooden cage, candy plug, sugar syrup can, and 1/2 lb pollen patty also included.

Idaho sales tax is 6%, not included in the listed prices.

We begin taking orders on Feb. 1st each year and they are available until we sell out.

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Clean, empty packages may be returned for $3 store credit. Credit may be donated to the Magic Valley Beekeepers Association Scholarship Fund.

If you need replacement queens for existing hives, we do sell  queens without packages, click link to order

 Customers must examine the contents of the package bees and queens for satisfaction when they pick them up. We can help you do that if you need it and we will exchange any queen or package not to the satisfaction of the customer. Leaving the pick up area with the bees constitutes customer satisfaction with the order. We will do our best to help you be successful, but as with any other livestock, we cannot guarantee the health of the bees once they have left our facility!

Carniolan bees: are known for winter survival and the queens are very responsive to changes in food and temperature. Carniolans tend to survive winter with a smaller cluster, and do really well in areas that have slow steady nectar flows, and in cooler climates. They build up a little slower than the Italian strains, so if the spring nectar flow comes early sometimes they miss it, on the other hand, they survive cold wet springs well. These queens are open mated drones with the thought that while the queens are Carniolan, the offspring may show traits of both Italian and Carniolan workers! The breeder is extensively involved with several of the breeding projects in California, bringing in diverse genetics, selecting for hygienic behavior and traits. These bees are generally extremely gentle as well. We have been very happy with these bees here on our farm! Queens are not marked.

Italian bees: are known for gentleness and honey production. They have been selected for mite and disease resistance and hygienic behavior. They are generally large and golden colored. Italians generally build up fast, but need a lot of food to get through the winter because they winter in such large clusters. Queens are not marked. These are Cordovan Italians from Koehnen.

Breed of Queen in Package

Carniolan, Italian

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