Introduction to Beekeeping

New to beekeeping? This is a basic introduction to beekeeping course. If you are thinking about getting bees and need more information, or are planning on getting bees but aren’t really sure where to start, this is for you! We cover what you might expect your first year, options for getting bees and equipment, what things might cost, as well as basic beekeeping terminology and information. You should come away with a pretty good understanding of what will be involved and how much work beekeeping will be, and what you will need and need to know to get started! You will have lots of opportunity to ask questions and will have the opportunity to try on bee suites, veils, gloves, etc. and handle hives and equipment. No live bees in this class. We have had experienced beekeepers sit in on this class and come away saying they were surprised how much they learned!

You must pre-register. Class will be held in mid march 2024, class dates will be posted on Feb 1st.

No live bees in this class. Class is 3 hours long. Cost is $20/ person or $35/couple (we’d love you to bring a friend or a spouse!)

Cost is $20/person or $35/couple. Select the number of people attending, the discount rate for couples will be applied in the shopping cart.

Beekeeping classes are taught by Kirk and Heidi Tubbs and their kids. Our goal has been to make beekeeping more accessible, and to provide the needed background to give new beekeepers a positive experience.

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