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Tubbs Berry Farm has been Idaho’s source for beehives, beekeeping equipment, bees, beekeeping classes and more for over 15 years! Due to health issues and economy issues we have decided to not ship equipment (there are many great places that provide this service) and limit our store hours. Our goal is to allow us to continue providing service to our community in spite of our challenges, and also keep product in stock for our local market.

Yes, we have hive tools, bee boxes, frames, hives, pollen patties, mite treatment, bee jackets, and suits in stock. We are currently open on Thursdays from 4-6 if you want to drop in and see us. Our showroom isn’t very large so if there is something you are looking for and don’t see please ask, it might be in the storage area. Prices for our hive kits are below, you can see prices have increased dramatically over the last year! We do our best to be competitively priced and carry quality equipment. We don’t sell products that we don’t recommend.

Beekeeping Supplies are available for pick up in our store. In order to serve our local customers we are not shipping this item so it won’t add to cart. There are lots of great places that ship beekeeping supplies. Thank you!

Store will be open on Thursdays from 4-6 March 30 – August 2023 and on our Bee Pick up Days.
We have beekeeping equipment in stock! I will post a pdf list as prices are finalized for spring.

Beehive Kits (bees not included)

Kits come in your choice of completely assembled and painted, assembled and unpainted, unassembled boxes/assembled frames, or unassembled boxes and frames. Nails and paint are not included. Boxes are fairly simple to put together. We recommend getting assembled frames unless you have an adequate staple gun (long crown) to put them together.


  • 2 9 5/8 Hive Bodies
  • 2 6 5/8 Hive Supers
  • 20 9 1/8 Frames with Waxed Plastic Foundation
  • 20 6 1/4 Frames with Waxed Plastic Foundation
  • 1 Telescoping Cover
  • 1 Inner Cover
  • 1 Deluxe Tubbs Berry Farm Screen Bottom Board
  • 1 Welded Metal Queen Excluder
  • 1 Metal Mouse Guard

Assembled and Painted: Was $395 (Sale $367)
Assembled and Unpainted: Was $365 (Sale $340)
Unassembled Boxes and Assembled Frames: Was $345  (Sale : $316)

This is the just 4 box hive as listed above, tools and protective gear sold separately and generally in stock in the store. Download a basic price list here:

2023 Price List

Weight 90 lbs
Kit Options

Assembled & Painted, Assembled & Unpainted, Unassembled Boxes & Assembled Frames, Unassembled Boxes & Frames

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