We are often asked if we are an organic farm. Our philosophy has been to be beyond organic. We are not certified organic, our standards are even more stringent than organic requires. We grow things so that our children can pick and eat them right out of the field. This means that we use natural methods for pest control and weeding, a lot of time and extra work but we feel that it pays off in the long run! We do beneficial insect releases in the spring, we hand weed, and we practice crop rotation. We actually grow crops as part of our rotation that we don’t harvest, but plow in to feed the soil! Even the animals are part of our program, allowing us to grow products without adding chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We don’t use chemical pesticides or antibiotics in our beehives either, so our honey is just as pure as our produce! We also use the things we grow to produce jams, soaps, lotions, and more that are as natural as possible. Click on the links to the right to check out all the things we currently grow!

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