German Red Seed Garlic


German Red ~ Hardneck Garlic

German Red garlic is strong and spicy. This variety does well on our farm because it develops better quality and size where winters are cold. This is a favorite for chefs and foodies for flavor!

German Red produces nicely rounded bulbs with purple-splashed outer skins. The cloves are reddish brown, and each bulb will have between 8 to 12 cloves.  The clove skins have great color and are very easy to peel. Medium storage when well cured.

 Approximately 50 to 60 cloves per pound.

In Southern Idaho, seed garlic is planted in October and harvested in July so garlic is currently in the ground! We begin taking pre-orders on June 1st and begin shipping September 1st. If you don’t want to get your garlic the first part of September we’re happy to keep your garlic in our temperature and humidity controlled cooler until closer to your planting date, just specify a shipping date in your order notes!
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