Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes form on hardneck garlic, similar to the flowering part of other alliums. They have an amazing mild garlic flavor that mellows when roasted or sauteed. Our family loves them tossed with olive oil and grilled (think asparagus meets garlic) or sauteed with fresh zucchini, and they are popular battered and fried at out pumpkin patch every year! They also make a great pesto, we have found it is a little strong fresh but mellows when frozen. Garlic scapes can be frozen.

Scapes come in a reusable microperforated bag and should keep refrigerated in the bag for up to 2 weeks. They may also be frozen or dried. Different varieties have slightly different looks and flavors, all of them mellow when cooked. There are aprox. 40 scapes per pound, aprox 1 gallon ziplock bag.

Generally available the month of June.



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