Do you love bees and want to learn more about them? Are you a beekeeper who wishes you had a mentor to help you through your hive inspections throughout the year? Beekeeping isn’t an exact science and how to care for hives changes yearly with the weather. We are introducing a subscription service to help you learn as you go. Kirk is a biologist with over a decade of beekeeping experience, has run numerous studies on all things beekeeping, and currently manages between 25 and 50 colones. To help walk you through what is current, he will create a new hive check post every 2 weeks (on Thursdays) to give you up to date information on what beehives should look like throughout the year in Idaho. If you want someone to help you know what should be going on, the biology behind what is happening, and insight into how to care for bees in Southern Idaho during the year, this will walk you through the whole process! Questions can be asked through the message board which will be monitored so you can get one on one help if needed. Why every 2 weeks? You should probably not be in your hive more than that.

30 Day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with your membership!


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