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August 1st Hive Inspection, Getting Ready for Winter!

It is still pushing 100 degrees during the day here in Twin Falls, Kirk walks through a hive inspection and […]

Fall Varroa Mite Discussion

Varroa is enemy number one! Kirk discusses the what, why, and when of our successful mite treatment program!  

Getting Bees Ready for Fall To Do List

Kirk walks through the biology of what is going on in the fall and what will need to be done […]

Hive is struggling to grow and produce, and has a bad attitude.

This short clip walks through one of the common causes of a hive that fails to grow and seems extra […]

Some favorite late July blooming plants !

Two plants that bloom in late July and really help the bees out,. Nectar and pollen flows can really vary […]

July 21 Hive Check

Checking on the hives started on Bee day the end of April.  

Our 10 year old explains swarms

Our 10 year old spotted a swarm in a tree and he tells a little about it and how to […]

Is my hive queenless?

Sometimes something happens to the queen, generally the bees raise a new one and it isn’t. This shows you what […]

Bearding or Out of Room?

This video shows what bearding looks like. During warm weather bees will often beard on the outside of the hive, […]

June 15, 2022 Hive Check

Hive check on new packages hived on Bee Day this year. They went into boxes with drawn comb. Nectar flows […]

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