What makes Tubbs’ Berry Farm honey so special?

This is raw, local honey which has been extracted, strained and bottled. Nothing is added, and the honey is not heated during the extracting process.

Our honey comes from hives that haven’t been treated with pesticides or antibiotics. We use natural methods for disease control, our goal is not to put anything in our hives we wouldn’t let our children eat.

Our bees winter on their own honey stores, and most of our hives are never moved. You are welcome to visit the hives our honey comes from!

By harvesting honey in small batches we are able to preserve the natural honey flavors unique to different nectar gathering areas.

We pack our honey in USA made glass jars. Jars and lids are reusable for canning! If you can’t reuse them, bring them in and we will recycle them! We currently do not ship honey. You can find it and lots more here in our farm store!

1/2 pints are $8 with tax, Pints are $15, Quarts are $28.

Pumpkin Raspberry Blossom Honey – From the hives in the berry patch, not flavored. This is a medium dark honey with a slightly fruity taste, very sweet and a favorite of customers!

Magic Valley Blend A blend of desert, canyon, wildflower and meadow blooms from around the Valley. We have so many people looking for a good allergy blend we thought we’d give it a try! The honey is raw, unprocessed, unheated, just strained and bottled.

Wild Meadow Clover – From hives in a wild hay meadow at the base of the Samaria Mountains. Light, sweet clover honey. We chose the area because there is no chemical used in the fields, and it is one of the prized honey locations in the west!

All honey will eventually crystallize. This natural process only changes the texture of the honey. Some of the best honey crystallizes fairly soon after harvesting, especially if it is raw and unheated. To liquefy crystallized honey, heat uncapped jar slowly in a pan of warm water on low heat. If you prefer crystallized honey you can speed up crystallization by refrigerating. You can help prevent crystallization by storing honey in the freezer.

*Never feed honey to infants under 1 year*

8 thoughts on “Honey”

  1. Hi Heidi

    Do you sell any propolis or pollen products?

    We just ordered some propolis tincture online and it got me wondering if you offered raw chunks or some other variety.

    We always love visiting your farm!


    1. Tubbs' Berry Farm

      We don’t have any pollen at the moment, we will only harvest if the bees have extra which doesn’t happen very often in Twin Falls. We do harvest propolis, but usually later in the year. I am out of propolis right now, I will try to remember to let you know when we harvest, but feel free to check back!

  2. Hi Heidi,
    I used to be Beth Watts over in Filer, (Melanie and Amber’s mom) I need to get out there and get a couple of qts of honey from you. We need one of the Raspberry and two of the Magic Valley Blend. We have two boys with allergies and want to give this a try. We can come out tomorrow and get them. Please let me know when would be a good time to stop by.

    1. Tubbs' Berry Farm

      I am out of Raspberry Quarts, but I have the MV Blend. I should be around most of the day, you may just want to call 961-0969 before you head out so you don’t miss me.

    1. Tubbs' Berry Farm

      Yes, we would be happy to ship, we are working on getting more of our products on the website and shipping to figure automatically. Till then, email or call and we can get you a shipping cost.

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